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“I have been having Spanish conversation lessons with Jero for many years, originally face to face at his language school in Ayamonte in the province of Huelva. Following the Covid pandemic, we have been having weekly conversations through Skype which have been equally enjoyable.

Jero is a fantastic conversationist and has the ability to focus the discussion on areas of mutual interest. As a Londoner, I am impressed with his knowledge of current affairs and sport in the UK which makes the conversation between us lively and memorable. It is obvious to me that the Spanish and British sense of humour is very similar, which is useful learning tool.

All in all, I recommend Jero to anyone who is thinking of taking up Spanish or improving their skills.” Jonathan Savitt, UK and Spurs supporter!

“I have been learning Spanish with Jero for several weeks now and I look forward to every lesson. I feel inspired to practise, despite being a beginner because Jero is very patient and encouraging. With time I notice my confidence is increasing. Lessons are always interesting as we cover an element of grammar and vocabulary within exercises or stories. I am particularly enjoying reading and translating a simple book Jero recommended, because the story is engaging and I find that I can generally make sense of what is happening, even though I might not understand everything. I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all the grammatical tenses, since English is taught quite differently in the UK but I have the sense that through Spanish, I will improve my comprehension of formal English grammar! I have always been drawn to the soft-sounding phonetics of Spanish and I thoroughly recommend Jero as a teacher, if you are thinking about learning yourself.” Claire Sainsbury, UK
“Learn Spanish in the comfort of your own home via Skype or anywhere you are with your Tablet, Laptop or PC.
No pressure as in a classroom situation, just you and your Tutor face to face, at the pre-arranged time and at the ability level that suits you.
The course work and the system are built around you and become a pleasure to look forward to.
Jero my tutor has become a friend as well as my teacher.”
Philip Crook (Manchester)
“It’s been great having classes with Jeronimo. He makes it very easy to talk about anything, gives good corrections, and explains everything clearly giving good examples. I chose to have classes with him as he has good experience as a teacher, and also a student – he’s a bit of a polyglot. This really helps when I don’t understand how to say something in Spanish, I can say it in English and he’ll get it. The thing I like the most is that we don’t need to have a plan of the class, I can just come to the lessons with questions, and he answers on the spot. He also has a lot of material which he’s been happy to share with me – like specific grammar exercises to practise for homework, or doing speaking activities during the class from past papers. So yeah, thanks Jeronimo for your help!” Emily Bather. Málaga y Brighton.
“Having class with Jero is great. Skype is a practical way to learn a new language, as it offers flexibility. The classes are adapted to each student’s level, with exercises that target one’s weaknesses. Having varied and interesting conversations with Jero is common, as he is super nice and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Spanish courses online!” Sam Van Iseghem (Belgium)
“Through Spanish Online Courses I have finally found a flexible and fun way to improve my Spanish. The one-to-one method means that the teaching is tailor-made to your level and needs, and that you never have to be shy to speak or ask questions. Jero is an excellent teacher, making sure the lessons are interesting and diverse while you are making the progress needed. Highly recommended!” Liselotte Högberg (Sweden)
“By receiving classes from Spanish Online Courses, I have been able to quickly consolidate my existing knowledge of Spanish, as well as rapidly learn new grammar, vocabulary and phrases. I’ve been taking classes between semesters at university where I study languages, and thanks to these Skype sessions I feel much more prepared for entering another year of study. The sessions are organised and structured, but the pace can be easily adjusted to suit your own preferences, which allows you to work through content at a comfortable and natural speed.” Lucy Atkinson (UK)