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Our passion for foreign languages ​​and knowledge of other cultures led us, first, to train in the field of philology and, later, in 2004, to open our first language school “Escuela Atenea” in Huelva, in Southern Spain. In 2009 we opened our second language school in the beautiful coastal town of Ayamonte, on the Costa de la Luz.

Starting in 2010, due to the demand of many of our students who wanted to continue studying Spanish when they returned home, we started offering Spanish classes online via Skype. Today we also use other programs such as Zoom, Meet, etc.

Thanks to our students’ satisfaction and the success of our Spanish online lessons, we decided to offer our online Spanish courses to not only to our former students but to everyone!

In 2011 the website www.spanish-online-courses.com was born with the aim of focusing on quality online teaching.

In July 2018 we changed the name “Escuela Atenea” to “Language Mood,“ and since then, have dedicated ourselves almost exclusively to teaching Spanish online.

We’re a group of professionals who teach Spanish as a foreign language, with many years of experience in both “traditional” face-to-face Spanish classes and online face-to-face classes, being one of the first to offer this type of teaching.

We’re aware that a stay in the country where the studied language is spoken is one of the best ways to learn it, but we also believe in the great potential that new technologies offer for language learning.