Comentários dos nossos alunos

I really benefitted from the Skype sessions from Spanish Online Courses. My teacher, Trinidad Caballero, was friendly and easy to learn with. From the start she identified and worked from my existing (limited) level of Spanish so I could improve without feeling stressed. Trinidad responded to my requests on what we should cover and had additional ideas when I needed some direction. She was happy to time our sessions to fit with my Australian time zone and my availability. I would really recommend these Skype sessions to other learners who want some one-on-one tuition.

Melanie Harris
Adelaide, Australia
C.K. Tchorznicki

I recommend online lessons to anyone learning Spanish who does not have access to a native Spanish speaking tutor as this is reason why I began online lessons. I live in a rural area and I could not find a native Spanish tutor nearby. I find the classes as good as one to one real life tuition with the advantages that I am in my own home and I don’t have to spend extra time travelling to lessons. There is a lot of flexibility with regard to days and lesson times and that suits me as my work/ life commitments vary from week to week. My tutor is Jero and I am very happy with his teaching.

Kate McDonald

“Have you spent a load of time studying Spanish and yet the chances of real Spanish conversations in your totally anglophone town simply do not exist? Have you returned from a couple of weeks at a Spanish immersion school and are just beginning to feel your hard-earned improvement in Spanish beginning to slip away from you? Have you been following an internet course or attending an all-too-busy class in Spanish at the local college and now do you want to see how it feels speaking Spanish, face to face, one on one, with a real Spanish speaker? I have had some of these experiences and, being unable to live in a Spanish speaking country, found that my frustration was greatly eased through Skype-based lessons with Spanish-speaking teachers, which I have used for several years. Skype is is wonderful resource for this purpose! You can see your teacher through Skype video, Skype messenger is always available as a ‘blackboard’ for those tricky phrases and for downloading various materials to use during and after the lessons, and Skype does not charge for travelling and parking! The combination of Sype and the teachers at la Escuela Atenea provides a masterful resource to help you develop your Spanish, at your pace and at a time that suits you. The teachers are humorous, insightful and sympathetic, and will effortlessly match the lesson to your capabilities. Give Skype at la Escuela Atenea a try!”

David Ramsay
London, Canada

Recomiendo clases de español con hablantes nativos con Skype porque es muy conveniente, no tienes que salir de la casa y puedes elegir tus profesores. Yo tuve suerte desde el principio porque mi profesora era Trini! Es una buena profesora y lo que es también importante para mí es una persona muy buena. Trini elige los materiales según los deseos y las necesidades del estudiante. Es interesante charlar con ella pero también puedes mejorar tu nivel de gramatica porque la explica muy bien y todo está claro. Estoy contentísima con nuestras clases! Eran lo que esperaba. Muchas gracias, Trini!

Kristina Nesterova

Over the years I have taken several Spanish language night school classes up to intermediate level at various colleges in England but found them slow and uninteresting. A friend recommended Escuela Atenea and I attended their class in Ayamonte. As there were only a small number of pupils in the class it was much more enjoyable. I now have a weekly lesson via Skype and feel that an hour of one to one tuition is the best method of learning Spanish I have found so far.

John Newns

Je vous recommande très chaudement les cours avec Trinidad. Elle tient compte des objectifs des apprenants, est très bien préparée, répond aux questions, rebondit sur les différentes problématiques rencontrées. C'est la première fois que je suis totalement satisfaite d'une école de langues ! J'en ai essayé beaucoup (y.c. des très connues) et je peux affirmer que cette école est de loin la meilleure.

Myriam Feuerstoss
Anne Reich