Spanish for specific purposes

Spanish classes online for the workplace:

Whether employed or self employed, whether the owner of a company or its employee, the ability to speak Spanish carries advantages that can be measured monetarily, professionally and personally. As the owner of a business, the ability to speak Spanish can be economically profitable by reaching an entire demographic of potential customers that, without Spanish, would otherwise be unavailable. As an employee of a Spanish-speaking company, being able to converse with co-workers and management makes for a more competitive employee. We can prepare you for all of these situations, uniquely targeted at your request to any personal or professional need. We can prepare you for job interviews with job-specific topics and practice interviews.

Spanish classes online for travel.

One of the most gratifying ways to travel, meet and mingle with locals is to converse with them in their language. We can teach basic Spanish phrases most often used while traveling or take it to a whole other level, allowing for a richer, deeper experience. Whether beginner or advanced student, we’ll help you reach your goals.