Private Spanish Lessons

Spanish private online lessons

  • Skype classes tailored to your individual needs
  • You can choose the hours to suit you
  • Learn from professional native speaking teachers
  • Committed to improving your Spanish
  • Through live Skype conversation you can improve your Spanish rapidly.
  • Don’t let learning Spanish be a chore, look forward to your weekly Skype lessons with our committed teachers.
  • Learn at your own pace and study what you want whether it is for business or pleasure.
  • Flexible timetable.
  • With one to one tuition through Skype classes you can achieve your goals quickly with our support, feedback and motivation.

Private Spanish course: 30 minute class:

N° LessonsPrice (€)Price (€) /lesson
58016 (lesson)
1015015 (lesson)
2028014 (lesson)
5065013 (lesson)

Private Spanish course: 60 minute class

N° LessonsPrice (€)Price (€) /hour
513026 (hour)
1024024 (hour)
2044022 (hour)
50100020 (hour)

I have been taking Skype classes with Jero for over four years, averaging around seven sessions per month. I have unambiguously benefited from the conversations; my Spanish has progressed by leaps and bounds. Whether you are looking to acquire a more neutral Spanish – sort of what Univision would serve up here in the U.S. – or seek deep-dish Castilian expressions, Jero can deliver it. He is well educated and well rounded, thus capable to delve into just about any topic. However, he is strict about correcting glaring mistakes and makes sure that while you are advancing forward, your foundation does not erode.

C.K. Tchorznicki, New York