Group Lessons Online

Spanish group courses

Online group Spanish classes work in a similar way to face-to-face “in class” group Spanish classes. The teacher and the students interact by audio and video, they work on all the skills (oral and written), there are homework for the next class (voluntary) and everyone has a good time 🙂

It has some advantages such as the convenience of not having to leave home (saving time, transport, etc.) and some disadvantages such as not being able to have a coffee together after (or before) the class.

In general, the free Skype programme will be used. There are other very similar programmes (Zoom, Meet, etc). We like Skype because it allows you to save the chat of past conversations/classes.

General conditions for the group courses:

– All students will have equal opportunities to participate in class.
-Students will respect each other’s turn.
-The different opinions of classmates will be respected (even if not shared).

-Group classes, because of their own dynamics, are not as flexible as individual classes.
-Students who cannot attend a class will be informed of the contents of the class in order to be able to follow the next class without problems.
-If the day of the class coincides with a bank holiday in Spain, it is likely that this class will be cancelled. The teacher will give plenty of notice and, of course, it will not count towards the students’ packs.

4 different levels will be offered. Morning and afternoon. Except for the Absolute Beginner Level (the student must start the course from the beginning), students may join the group even if the course has already started.

Absolute Beginner Level: The student does not know any Spanish.
“False” Beginner Level: The student knows some vocabulary and may have studied some verb tenses in the past but this is not an active knowledge.
Intermediate level: The student masters basic vocabulary and has learnt the structures of present, past, future. He/she does not have full control of the tenses but can hold a basic conversation on many topics.
Advanced level: The student knows the language well and can express him/herself easily in Spanish. Although he/she may still make some grammatical mistakes, he/she enjoys a good conversation in Spanish.

The price of the Spanish group courses:
-pack of 5 classes: 70 euros (14 euros / class).
-pack of 10 classes: 120 euros (12 euros / class).

-Sometimes, it is difficult to form groups due to the different levels and time availability of the students. We have decided to start group classes even if we only have one student in the “classroom”.

-If there is only one student, the private class will last 30 minutes.
-If there are two students, the duration of the class will be 45 minutes.
-If there are 3 or more students (maximum 6 students) the class will last 60 minutes.

The next groups will start on January 10, 2022.

-If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us 🙂

Semi-private Course: 2-to-1 Spanish lessons

  • You are the kind of student who wants to learn a language with someone else, and indeed you have a friend who is also learning Spanish…
  • You can book Spanish lessons together.
  • You only need to have the same Spanish level and the same time availability.



Hours Price/Student (€) Price /hour
5 80 16
10 150 15
20 280 14