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if you don't have the opportunity to attend a Spanish school in a Spanish speaking country but still want to learn and practice with a native Spanish teacher you could try one of our online courses.

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Spanish with a teacher. Skype lessons with native Spanish tutor!

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Are you learning Spanish and having these problems?

-Struggling to find enough time to attend a Spanish class.
-Working from home or at home with children.
-Unable to find suitable teachers.
-Too tired to go out after work.

Our Spanish classes Online solve them! You can enjoy these lessons at a convenient time for you, in your own home.

Spanish Courses Online

Our advantages

  • Online Spanish courses with qualified and experienced Spanish teachers with skype.
  • 30 or 60 minute skype Spanish lessons.
  • Years experience of helping GCSE and A level students to get the highest marks in Spanish.
  • Essays and translations can easily be corrected.
  • Practise for your oral exam with a native Spanish teacher via skype.

What students say about us

I really benefitted from the Skype lessons from Spanish Online Courses. My teacher, Trinidad Caballero, was friendly and easy to learn with. From the start she identified and worked from my existing (limited) level of Spanish so I could improve without feeling stressed. Trinidad responded to my requests on what we should cover and had additional ideas when I needed some direction. She was happy to time our Skype lessons to fit with my Australian time zone and my availability. I would really recommend these Skype sessions to other learners who want some one-on-one tuition. Melanie Harris, Adelaide, Australia

I recommend skype lessons to anyone learning Spanish who does not have access to a native Spanish teacher as this is reason why I began online lessons. I live in a rural area and I could not find a native Spanish teacher nearby. I find the skype classes as good as one to one real life tuition with the advantages that I am in my own home and I don’t have to spend extra time travelling to lessons. There is a lot of flexibility with regard to days and lesson times and that suits me as my work/ life commitments vary from week to week. My tutor is Jero and I am very happy with his teaching. Kate McDonald, Ireland

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